5 ways to edit PDF Documents for Free

One of the most pressing concerns for those of us who handle PDF files concerns editing the documents. Not only are there a dearth of high-quality PDF editors, but those which are free are more difficult to find. Many people do not want to spend on premium software such as Adobe’s Acrobat X or Able2Extract. Additionally, there are great alternatives to accomplish the task without spending a penny. To make editing PDF files effortless for you, we’ve put together a list of five methods for editing PDF files at no cost using Soda PDF.

1. Open PDFs within Google Docs

If you’re looking to modify PDF files in a comprehensive manner it is a useful alternative. Upload your PDF into Google Drive, click right-click and then bring it up in Google Docs for editing. Most likely, you’ll be in a position to edit the document to every line. But, if you’re opening documents that contain diagrams or pictures, you won’t be able to modify the text inside the illustrations. However, you’ll be able to make annotations.

2. Convert PDF using CloudConvert

If you are looking for a cost-free online converter online to convert PDF files into an editable format, such as Doc, Docx or Word documents then make use of CloudConvert. This app on the web is a beast of conversion. It is also among the apps recommended from Google Drive by default for conversion of files. CloudConvert does not just offer pdf convert to Word conversion, but also the option to convert a variety of formats of files. In reality, CloudConvert can help you convert almost any kind of file into a range of different formats. Start by visiting the CloudConvert website, or by connecting to CloudConvert through Google Drive by right-clicking a PDF file and connecting it to CloudConvert through Open With.

Like you’ll see in the picture above, CloudConvert can convert PDF file into MS Word, HTML, OpenOffice (ODT), RTF TXT, e-Book image, CAD, and vector formats.

3. Convert PDF using DocsPal

This is a fantastic tool to convert files that can be used for free and provides alternatives for conversion to a wide range of formats for files. With DocsPal, the user can change PDF documents to Word HTML, HTML TXT, RTF DJVU, PNG, EPUB and PNG formats.

4. Edit and Add Content to PDFs using DocHub

DocHub is an online application that allows you to annotate and add on PDF files. Although DocHub claims it’s an editor for PDF files but you aren’t able to modify text within your documents imported. DocHub lets you make annotations on PDF files and even include overlays of content.

DocHub can be used , not just to edit documents, but also for digitally signing PDF documents. Certain features are only available to the Pro version, but the free version allows you to edit documents for unlimited time and includes sufficient features that allow annotation and adding annotations to your the PDF files you import.

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