No Time? No Money? No Problem! How You Can Get cus d’amato quotes With a Zero-Dollar Budget

Here are a few quotes I have taken or learned from my travels in Italy and Spain. I think they are fun and will give you a sense of the culture, food, and people.

I don’t think anyone is going to beat me home for them.

Well done, cus.

I find it hilarious when people quote my work, but I know it’s not true. I’m not a Cus. I am a cus d’amato.

The word cus actually comes from the latin word conti, which means “to cut” or “to make small”. It refers to an action of cutting something small. So the word is used to describe people who are either completely self-aware or quite self-involved. Some people call themselves “cus” to refer to themselves or to refer to a cus damato.

Cus damatas are people who are self-aware but also somewhat self-involved. They tend to be extremely self-focused and have a tendency to act out on their own. They are often quite a smart person, but have no understanding of the rest of the world. Some people call themselves cus to refer to themselves or to refer to a cus damato.

cus d’amato is very similar to the old Italian term of cus d’amato (meaning “self-aware” or “self-involved”). It’s a self-focused phrase and refers to people who have a tendency to be self-absorbed and self-focused. They may be very intelligent, but their personal self-awareness makes them rather self-involved.

Their self-awareness is actually the one thing that makes them different from the rest of the cus d’amato. They are the ones who are self-aware and know themselves, but don’t know the rest of the world. You can’t really blame them though, because they have no idea what happens outside of their own little bubble, and thus are oblivious to the rest of the world.

The cus damato are the ones who never notice or care if people are in their little bubble, or if this whole world is actually around them. They are the ones who only care about themselves, and their own little bubble. They are the ones who think they are the ones who are important, and are thus entitled to be the ones who rule the world in their little bubble.

It’s not about being the ones who rule, it’s about being the ones who are allowed to. We as humans are so busy trying to figure ourselves out that we forget to notice that we are all the same. We don’t realize how much we have in common, but somehow we end up ignoring it. We think we are the good people, but then we forget we are the ones who are truly bad.

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