15 Secretly Funny People Working in earl nightingale quotes

The following are quotes by earl nightingale, from his book, The Art of Writing, which I think is one of the best books I’ve ever read when it comes to advice on writing.

The following are excerpts and the full text of earl nightingale’s advice, from The Art of Writing, which I think is another of the best books Ive ever read when it comes to advice on writing.

“In my opinion, the greatest enemy of writing is the writer who feels that he or she is doing the most important writing, but who doesn’t know whether they are. To be in such a state is to go into sleep or slumber, and to be awake is to be awake, and then to see the writing as the enemy, instead of the means, or the means as the enemy.

I would add that the greatest enemy of any writer is the reader who feels that the writer is trying to force you to read for the sake of reading. Reading for its own sake has nothing to do with good writing, and everything to do with bad writing. The act of reading simply is the act of being alive.

So, my own take on a quote by the great novelist, John Updike, is this: It’s not a question of whether you should write, but how you should write. The only thing that matters is whether you believe that you are writing for yourself or for others. So, the only way to write for yourself is to write for no one. It is the greatest temptation of all.

The fact that the words are so long and complex is actually the reason the word “writing” is so long. Writing is the act of writing and the act of writing is the act of writing, and the act of writing is itself the act of writing. So, writing is the act of writing, and the act of writing is itself the act of writing.

This is the reason the writer’s life is so important. So important in fact, that the writer can’t help but consider it her most precious possession. It is the one thing she can’t have, the one thing she has to keep her life pure and whole. If she can’t write, she can’t live.

Earl Nightingale was an American author and political activist best known for her novel, The Art of Love, the story of a woman who, after a long separation from her husband who left her for another woman, decides to take a road trip with her friend back in the States. The pair is forced to spend eight months living in a house on the road in the middle of nowhere.

It’s a great story, but one that gets a little bit bogged down with the constant reference to “her” and “her friend.” It does get fairly deep to the point where it is making the reader feel a little bit like you might be reading a biography of the author. It’s a great story, but not something we’d expect from a best-seller.

I can’t tell you the exact location right now, but earl nightingale quotes will be found on the book’s web page.

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