idiotic quotes

Idiot that he is, Steve Jobs, is quoted by the New York Times as saying that “It’s a good day when you wake up and you see a rainbow.” Although I’ve seen a lot of Rainbow Tuesdays in my day, I would add that this is an idiotic quote. It simply is not true. We all do not wake up every morning and see a rainbow. That would be stupid.

Not to mention the fact that Rainbow Tuesdays are not idiotic days. It’s not like the rainbow comes and stands in front of you and says, “You are beautiful.” That would be idiotic. It does not come on one day and say, “You are beautiful.” It comes and stands there and says, “You are beautiful.” When you see the rainbow you should feel good.

Rainbow Tuesdays are not idiotic days, but they are not always. You don’t need a rainbow to convince you that you are beautiful. Rainbow Tuesdays are also not always idiotic days. We do not have to see the rainbow to feel good.

When you see the rainbow, you should feel good. Rainbows are not always the best things you can see. Sometimes they are not even something that you want to see.

Rainbow Tuesdays are not idiotic days. The good news here is that we are also not always looking for rainbows. But just because we are not looking for a rainbow does not mean that we should not try. In fact, when you see that rainbow, what you should feel good about is that you are beautiful.

One of our favorite quotes in the trailer is the following: “Rainbows are not always the best things you can see.” It’s like the guy in that classic Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast, saying that the moon is not always pretty. When you see a beautiful moon, you should feel good.

The trailer also features a funny quote from the film: “Rainbows are not always the best things you can see.” That’s an interesting take on the concept as it can at least take into account the fact that when we see a rainbow, we don’t necessarily see a rainbow, we see a rainbow.

The trailer also shows that the film will be set in the present day. This is a good thing because it means the film won’t have to deal with the time loop issue (or the fact that it is based on a book and not a movie). The trailer only really focuses on one day, which is the day that we meet Darryl, and the fact that he is the main character.

Darryl is probably the most interesting character to me in this trailer. He’s not a party-loving genius who gets to jump off cliffs and fly like Superman but a guy who seems to be stuck in a time loop of his own making. He’s a man who is able to read minds but has to take the same course every day to keep his job. He’s someone who is more than a little bit insane.

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