From Around the Web: 20 Awesome Photos of inigo montoya quotes

This quote from Inigo Montoya, the Mexican-American artist and filmmaker, is a perfect representation of the type of thought and emotion which comes from the heart. When we are afraid, even for a minute, we become paralyzed and unable to do the necessary things to move forward.

What’s the deal with this quote? It’s like a time loop.

I think this quote also shows the type of time loop that occurs when we are afraid of something we want to do. It is actually a time loop in the sense that people who are afraid are often unable to do the things necessary to move forward. I find this quote very applicable since the movie Inigo has a lot of similar ideas and I think most of us can relate to that.

Also, inigo is not an IRL character. He’s an imaginary one. And he seems to have a lot of the same fears that real people do. But you don’t have to be an IRL character to get the quote. It’s just a good one to give to people who are afraid of something they want to do.

We all have our own fears, but inigo’s are all related to his fear of not being able to move forward in life. He has the fear that no one wants to like him, that he might get hurt, or that he might be a burden to others. We all have fears, but inigo’s have a lot of the same ones that we do.

And to be frank, inigo’s fear is a good one. Its not the fear of being killed, its the fear of being alone. All of us have that fear. But because many of us are afraid of being alone, we’re drawn to IGs, like the game of thrones, where we have to face the dark and make the choices that make us stronger.

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