When Professionals Run Into Problems With john proctor quotes, This Is What They Do

“The real purpose of life is to enjoy it.

You probably know this, but you will likely also know that John Proctor is a huge fan of life. He was the lead singer of the legendary punk rock band The Clash from their London days. He’s written an entire book about the music he loves and how he came to love it and so much more, and he even wrote a poem about it. So when he quotes something, I can’t help but smile.

You have to be aware of what you’re quoting and try not to quote something where you could get sued. It’s all about the intention. I love the quote below from Proctor, but I’ve been known to do the opposite. In the end, its all about the intention.

The point is really that you can quote anything you like if you have a good intent. But you have to keep in mind that you are also quoting Proctor. I dont think he would mind if you quoted his poem instead of his quote, but I dont think he would mind in the slightest. I love the quote from Proctor below.

I think that is the best quote on the topic Ive seen so far…

In the end I don’t think Proctor will mind, but I have a feeling he might. The only thing that would make me lose my cool is if someone were in my office right now.

Proctor is a fan of the Beatles and many other rock bands. He is also a huge horror movie fan. So I am sure his opinion may not be as high as yours. But hey, I think it is the best quote on the topic.

Proctor is the man behind the Proctor-Mentor program, a program in which college students who are interested in movies teach their younger peers. I have to wonder how the program is working out for Proctor. Most of his students are, well, interesting. But what if all Proctor’s students are not? What if they are just a bunch of weirdos? I think the program would have to change.

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