12 Helpful Tips For Doing princess diary quotes

“Princess Diaries” was a book series by the great American author, A. A. Milne. The book series was so popular that they were adapted into a musical by the same name. This is quite a nice book series; it is full of characters that seem so real.

It’s one of the best series I’ve ever read. But I’ve read all of the other books in the series and they all made me laugh so much, I could cry.

The book series also has one of the funniest quotes in history. In this quote, the main character, Princess Diaries says, “Now, I know you’re all up to no good, but I’m going to help you out.” The quote is so funny that it’s become a bit of a trademark phrase for the series.

I would say, “I know you’ll get what’s coming to you, princess.” But that isn’t a quote. It’s a direct quote from the book.

The quote really makes me laugh every time.

The book series is a series of books about a princess who is the daughter of a pirate king and a pirate queen. She is raised in a very dangerous household and has a lot of self-awareness to back up her self-awareness, but it doesn’t stop her from being the kind of spoiled brat that has a hard time getting her way. When she meets a group of pirates, she starts to question everything around her, including herself.

For many reasons, the book series is known for the quote(s), but because of its length, many of those quotes are also included in this video.

The characters are often asked for quotes about themselves. The following are a few examples from the series.

So, I did a quick search and found a few that I thought were funny. Some were just really funny. Now, my wife and I both love the book series (as do many others). So, when I saw the quotes from the book series, I thought I’d share them with you.

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