quotes for softball: Expectations vs. Reality

One of the coolest things I have seen in softball for the last couple of years is the ability to put these quotes of quotes in the glove box of your car. I mean, we’ve all seen this movie, but I think it’s cool to be able to carry a quote or quote of a quote of a quote on our glovebox, and to go through it from the front seat.

So while I was driving to the game yesterday, I saw this guy in the parking lot. It looked like something out of a B-movie, and it had these lines of text all across the top of it. I thought to myself, “Man, this guy has so much talent.” Then I realized he’s the guy who came up with the quote of the quote.

I was driving to the baseball game yesterday, and I saw this guy in the parking lot. I thought to myself, Man, this guy has so much talent. Then I realized hes the guy who came up with the quote of the quote. So I took the quote off the glovebox and put it in my glovebox, and I put it on my desk.

Sounds like a quote you can use to help you get something done. Actually, it’s so you’ll remember to get something done. You can always use it to remind yourself that you’re on the right track and that the right thing to do is to get something done by the time your phone rings. Just this morning I had a text from a friend who was in the middle of an important phone call. She asked me to call her back so she could remind herself to call her back.

If you find yourself looking for a quote to use, try using the one from an awesome book that really helped me: “Why Does Your Body Feel Like a Book?” By John Bradshaw. The author goes into detail about how our brains have the capacity to recognize objects, but what we really want to know are the ways our brains can be fooled.

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