The Most Common realistic quotes Debate Isn’t as Black and White as You Might Think

For me, the best quotes are ones that make me think about something that I know I should be thinking about and that I know it will all end up being a good thing.

There’s a reason why I’m a bit of a fan of quotes. They tend to be short and to the point. I don’t know why this makes me a fan of them though, since they do tend to be short. But if they are short, they’re probably not going to be in any of my favorite quotes lists.

I tend to think of quotes the same way I think of songs. They’re short, usually in the 4-7 lines. They should be entertaining, and that’s about it. They should also be memorable. Like if someone were to quote a quote all day long, you’d get bored. So it’s not unusual for me to just leave these kinds of quotes hanging in my head.

In fact, I had a couple of real-life quotes that I could never say out loud during the day. One of them was a quote by the great John Lennon. I was in a big debate with my wife about how much of a rock star he was, and how much of a joke he was, and how much I was a joke. She seemed to think he was a funny guy, so I decided to tell her how funny he was.

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