Why People Love to Hate stupidity quotes

I think we can all agree that stupidity is not a personality trait. It seems to be more of a state of mind. Our own stupidity is the result of our own thoughts and actions. It’s as if our own minds are the biggest source of our stupidity.

You can say that again. We are the brains in this planet, and the most stupid of us are the ones who have chosen to use our brains for the most trivial tasks. We aren’t stupid just because we are, the way that we are isn’t dumb. We are stupid because of our thoughts.

There is a lot of talk these days about how stupid we are, but there is still a lot of stupidity around. I think its because we are so used to our stupidity that we think other people are. I think you should think that you are stupid if you are.

I think there is a bit of a disconnect between our brains and the rest of the world. When I go to a store and see a big sign that says “FAST FOODS,” I think they are getting the point. They are not. Most fast food restaurants put the same fast food on every menu. But they arent getting their point.

When you think you are stupid, that’s when you are not. So if you think you are stupid, you will end up being stupid. In some ways you can be stupid and still be smart. For example, if I am stupid and think I am a moron, I will likely end up being even more moronic.

I’m so glad you like these stupid quotes. I really like them because they show that there are a lot of people out there who think they are stupid and think they are pretty smart. I’m pretty sure there are people who think they are smart and think they are stupid. And I’m pretty sure there are people who are both smart and stupid.

People who are both smart and stupid are actually quite rare. The opposite of smart is dumb, and the opposite of stupid is smart. People who think they are both smart and stupid seem to be the exception.

I think the only people who think they are smart and think they are stupid are really stupid.

People like this are quite rare, but they do exist and they are pretty stupid. I think the smartest people in the world are the people who are always trying to get the smartest person to agree with them.

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