9 TED Talks That Anyone Working in the good place quotes Should Watch

The great thing about good place quotes is that they’re universal and never change. They’re timeless. You can say, “I live here.” Or “I’m in the same building as you.” Or “We’re in the same building.” They’re just that good.

Sure, you can say, I live here. But the fact is, your own living space may change in any number of ways, so just make sure your quote is timeless. And even if your quote is not, your quotes are still good place quotes.

The one quote that seems to be in constant flux is the one about the good place. Now, its not that I don’t love good place quotes. Its just that these are ones that I use every single day, and I never seem to find them inspiring. Why? Because good place quotes are just as timeless as they were when they were first written. The only difference is that, now, we live in an age where those quotes are in constant flux.

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