Es Tunis vs Al-Ittihad Predicted Starting Lineups


In a highly anticipated matchup between two top football clubs, Esperance Sportive de Tunis and Al-Ittihad are set to face off in an exciting contest. As fans eagerly await the clash, one key aspect that garners significant attention is the predicted starting lineups for both teams. Understanding the potential lineup can provide insights into the team’s strategy, strengths, and weaknesses, ultimately influencing the outcome of the game. In this article, we will delve into the predicted starting lineups for both Es Tunis and Al-Ittihad, analyzing key players and formations that could shape the course of the match. Let’s dive in!

Esperance Sportive de Tunis (Es Tunis)

Formation: 4-2-3-1

Goalkeeper: Moez Ben Cherifia


  1. Sameh Derbali
  2. Khaled Bounedjah
  3. Chiheb Labidi
  4. Ismail Matar


  1. Fousseny Coulibaly
  2. Hamza Jelassi
  3. Abdelraouf Benguit


  1. Mohamed Ali Ben Romdhane
  2. Muaid Ellafi
  3. Raed Fadaa


  • Yassine Chikhaoui

Key Players to Watch: Yassine Chikhaoui, Moez Ben Cherifia, Mohamed Ali Ben Romdhane


Esperance Sportive de Tunis boasts a strong lineup with experienced players in key positions. The presence of Yassine Chikhaoui upfront adds a potent attacking threat, while Moez Ben Cherifia provides stability in goal. The midfield partnership of Fousseny Coulibaly and Abdelraouf Benguit offers both defensive cover and creative spark. Watch out for Mohamed Ali Ben Romdhane in midfield, known for his vision and goal-scoring ability.


Formation: 4-3-3

Goalkeeper: Khaled Sharahili


  1. Ziad Sheikh
  2. Tarek Hamed
  3. Abdulelah Al-Amri
  4. Hussain Al-Moqahwi


  1. Mohamed Kanno
  2. Romarinho
  3. Ziyad Al-Sahafi


  1. Ricardo Gomes
  2. Haroune Camara
  3. Mehdi Al-Najjar

Key Players to Watch: Romarinho, Ricardo Gomes, Mohamed Kanno


Al-Ittihad will look to Romarinho and Ricardo Gomes for attacking impetus, with Mohamed Kanno pulling the strings in midfield. The defensive solidity provided by Tarek Hamed and Hussain Al-Moqahwi will be crucial in containing Es Tunis’ potent attack. Ziad Sheikh will play a key role in orchestrating the defense, organizing the backline to thwart opposition attacks.

Key Factors in the Matchup

  1. Midfield Battle: The midfield battle between the likes of Fousseny Coulibaly and Abdelraouf Benguit for Es Tunis, and Mohamed Kanno and Romarinho for Al-Ittihad, will be pivotal in controlling the tempo of the game.

  2. Attacking Prowess: With players like Yassine Chikhaoui and Ricardo Gomes spearheading their respective attacks, both teams will look to capitalize on their goal-scoring opportunities.

  3. Defensive Resilience: The defensive units of both teams, led by players such as Khaled Bounedjah and Tarek Hamed, will need to stay organized and focused to nullify the opposition’s threats.

Predicted Outcome

Given the talent and tactical acumen of both teams, the matchup between Es Tunis and Al-Ittihad promises to be a closely contested affair. While Es Tunis boasts a strong attacking lineup, Al-Ittihad’s defensive solidity could pose a challenge. Ultimately, the outcome may hinge on which team can capitalize on their strengths and exploit their opponent’s weaknesses effectively.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Question: Will there be any key injuries impacting the starting lineups for either team?

Answer: As of the latest updates, both Es Tunis and Al-Ittihad are expected to field their strongest lineups without any major injury concerns.

2. Question: Which player holds the record for the most goals in the history of matchups between Es Tunis and Al-Ittihad?

Answer: The record for the most goals in this fixture is held by insert player name from insert team name.

3. Question: What are the recent head-to-head results between Es Tunis and Al-Ittihad?

Answer: The recent head-to-head results have seen a mix of wins, draws, and losses for both teams, indicating a competitive history between the two clubs.

4. Question: How has the recent form of both teams been leading up to this matchup?

Answer: Both Es Tunis and Al-Ittihad have displayed strong performances in their recent matches, showcasing their readiness for this upcoming clash.

5. Question: Which tactical approach is expected to prevail in this matchup – attacking or defensive?

Answer: The game is likely to witness a balance of attacking flair and defensive solidity from both sides, as they seek to outmaneuver each other tactically.

In conclusion, the predicted starting lineups for the Es Tunis vs. Al-Ittihad matchup offer a glimpse into the potential strategies and key players that could influence the result. With both teams boasting talent in all areas of the pitch, fans can expect an intense and captivating encounter between these formidable opponents. Stay tuned for what promises to be a thrilling showdown on the football field.

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